7 Signs You Are Falling in Love You Must Know

Signs you are falling in love

If you are looking for some obvious signs you are falling in love, then this can be your ultimate guide to identify your true partner.

Falling in love is a very beautiful and unique experience. When you start feeling for someone there is an excitement that you cannot explain with words. The world seems new to you. You start to feel butterflies in your stomach and desire to meet and talk to that someone special.

Signs You Are in Love

How to be sure that it is pure love and not just a temporary attraction towards that person? Keep reading and you will find your answer:

Center of your thoughts

You always think about that person. When you are falling in love with someone you will feel like you cannot get them off your mind. You might want to talk to or see him/her as you cannot bear the thought of being separated from that special one.

You always think “Does the person feel the same about me”. Moreover, when you like someone, you are desperate to know if that person is thinking about you, too. You look for the signs that they are missing you too.

Thinking about your partner

The world seems new and exciting

Do you feel that that the same old things are getting exciting now? If yes, congratulations you are falling in love.

You are excited to do things, which were once boring for you, especially with someone you love. Everything feels new and fascinating when you are in love even if it is just sitting on the couch watching T.V.

Everything feels new and exciting with your partner

Trying new things

Are you suddenly trying new things?

Everyone wants to impress the person they like. You try new things from clothes to diverse types of foods. You try to do things that your partner likes. If you are interested in things that your partner enjoys, you may have fallen for him/her.

Also, compatible couples try new things together at the start that make their relation strong and to understand each other better.

Couple trying new things together

Experiencing jealousy

Jealousy is natural. When you see the person, you love with someone else you start to get jealous without any obvious reason. It is understandable as you cannot share the person you love with someone else. Jealousy is one of the most common signs he is slowly falling for you.

Girlfriend experiencing jealousy

Thinking this one is special

When you love someone, you start to feel that this person is very special to you. You start to believe that this person is the one for me. You plan your weekends to spend time with them, even start to plan your future because you cannot let them go. Even sometimes your interest matches with theirs. Hence, these compatibility signs between you and your partner will make you think that the person is special to you.

Thinking this one is special

Staring at your partner

Did you get caught by the person you love for staring at him/her? If yes, then boy you are in love! Love makes you do nonsensical things. You keep staring at them for no reason, just want to hug them, and say those three special words.

Couple staring at each other

You want their happiness

Love is a unique relationship. You try to go out of your way to make your partner happier and feel special. Their happiness becomes your happiness. Wanting each other happiness is a trait of compatible couples. So, if your better half also puts your happiness first, then you are in love with the right person.

You want your partner to be happy

To conclude, these are the seven signs that show you are falling in love. It is also important to know about your relationship compatibility, as you might fall in love with the wrong person!