15 Travel Hacks That You Should Know

Travel Hacks 2021

Traveling is one of the most exciting escapades one can enjoy in life. For this, you definitely need some travel hacks to make it comfier and more exciting.

Do you know the best way to double the space in your suitcase? What about the secret trick for skipping the long taxi lines? Also, what about the ultimate hacks to cheap traveling? If the answer is no, then stop worrying and start reading because we have got your back.

Travel Hacks│2021

Here we have gathered 15 genius and expert-backed travel hacks for a vacation that will help you plan your trip like a pro.

Download google maps:

This is one of the best travel hacks and tips. Clear some space on your phone and download all the maps of the location to browse offline when you want.

How to do it: Go to google maps and search for the area you want to save, type “ok map” in the search bar, and press download.

Roll your clothes:

Looking for travel hacks to save space? Trying rolling up your stuff. This hack is simple but effective. Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Furthermore, it will save you some space in the suitcase to pack more stuff.

Save money on booking:

Save your money on every travel booking. Traveling sites record your visits by installing cookies on your browser. They, in turn, will raise the price of flights because you have searched for those flights before.

So, the trick is to turn on “private browsing” for cheaper flights. So, try out this one and save few bucks.


Get your tour guide:

Do you face problems in finding a decent tour guide or avoid exploring on your own? Not a big deal. Get your own personal AI tour guide.

How to do it: Install Google Lens on your phone and take some photographs. Every time you upload a photo of any monument on Lens and a bunch of interesting information will appear on your screen.

Pack your water bottle:

One of the best travel hacks to save money is to bring your water bottle. As the security at the airport does not allow a filled bottle, pack an empty one. Moreover, fill it after you pass through security. Foldable water bottles are best for traveling.

Google translator:

If you are traveling abroad and do not know their language, do not worry. Google translator is your savior. Install it on your phone. In case if you do not have internet, here is a way around it.

How to do it: Download the Google Translate app and chose offline translation from settings. In this way, you can download different languages.

Charge your phone through TV:

If you have forgotten the wall plug for the charger, no worries.  Modern TV has a USB connector on the back. Just plug in your device wire and it will begin to charge.

Portable Phone Charger:

Buy a portable phone charger as they are very useful and handy especially during traveling. These are worth having in case some emergency arises while your phone is out of battery.

Protect your cables from tangling:

We all know how unsatisfying it is if your cables get tangled with each other. But we got a hack for you. Protect them by using pen springs.

Mark your luggage fragile:

Tired of waiting for the unloading of your bags at the airport? Tag your bags as fragile, it will save you a lot of time. They will put fragile bags on top so, they are first to be unloaded. This way, you will be in the cab while the rest of your fellow passengers are still looking for their suitcase.

Dryer Sheets:

Dryer sheets are a very important travel accessory. They will keep your clothes fresh while traveling. So, pack one in your luggage for the safer site.

Scan your passport:

It happens sometimes that we lose our passport at the very moment. But one of the best travel hacks and tips is to scan your passport to save yourself from missing your flight.

How to do it: Scan your passport and other documents then email them to yourself.

First aid kit:

Always remember to pack a first aid kit. Don’t forget to pack pain killers, band-aids, anti-bacterial creams, and stomach antacids.

Meet locals:

Meet the locals, they will show you the best places and things. Thus, in this way, you can avoid tourist traps and can make new friends.

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Get the right soundtrack:

When you can not fall asleep during a flight, arrange the right song playlist. You will be less bored by enjoying your favorite tunes.  Moreover, one more interesting hack is to download some ambient soundtrack. It will help you in falling asleep.

Finally, these are the 15 travel hacks that you should know before traveling this year!